Minutes of meeting January 15, 2013

Kintore and District Community Council

Meeting - 7pm 15 January 2013 in Kintore School

Approved Minute

PRESENT: Kevin Watt (Chair), Kenny Thomson (Acting Secretary), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Sheila Gray, Drew Cullinane, Ann Marston and Ava Rennie.
Councillors Cullinane, Ford and Hood.

Also in attendance were Brian and Gloria Johnstone, who had communicated with KDCC through e-mail, expressing an interest in Community council work. The Chair welcomed them, brief discussion took place relative to them both Community Councillors, the Constitution allows for that and they were therefore recruited, with formal adoption to take place at this years’ AGM.

1. WELCOME: The Chair welcomed all to the meeting

2. APOLOGIES: Lesley Monaghan.

3. POLICE REPORT: No pre-meeting Report had been received, nor was there any Police representation at the Meeting.

4. MINUTE OF PREVIOUS MEETING held on 20 November 2012. The Minute was approved by Kevin Watt and Seconded by Drew Cullinane.

  • Lorraine Bell and Gateway Kintore. Chair Kevin to meet with her of Friday 18/1 to discuss her concerns relative to access to her property
  • Awaiting developments regarding Hillhead Caravan site
  • Update on Garioch Partnership - KDCC is now a member (free of charge), one of the benefits of which is knowledge of and access to funding for projects
  • Community Composting initiative — Chair Kevin reported that Lesley Monaghan is still keen to progress this but is recovering from a serious injury

Joan Thomson reported that sums of £200 each had been donated to Airlie House and Provost Lawrence Court, as contributions to the residents’ Xmas lunches.

Additionally, a greetings card and flowers were presented to Mrs Skinner at PLC, in celebration of her 100“ birthday. Joan and Kevin had attended the latter premises on behalf of KDCC and been welcomed and thanked for the gestures.

The Bank Balance stands at £1627, which includes £320 ring fenced money received from local businesses for the floral displays.

The annual Admin. Grant from the Council will be due in April/May.

Chair Kevin updated members relative to the current situation relative to The Bothie project. The Lease of the Wee Bothie in the Town House is to be given up by Action Kintore. At a cost of £250 per month to the Council, it is not sustainable, when money is required to fund the main Bothie build. For the same reason, the Youth Co-Ordinator post will have to be relinquished.

Discussion has taken place with Douglas Milne relative to additional funding from the Council and also Brian Pirie, through Grampian Police’s Community Initiative Fund.

Drew Cullinane reported on the following recent Kintore Applications, none of which demanded KDCC comment
  • A dwelling house at Aquherton Farm
  • A garage/driveway at Harthills View
  • A conservatory at 23 Forest Road
  • An outbuilding I erection of a fence at a private house in Eastburn Road
  • Construction of a shed at Hill of Cottown


The Councillors spoke of the following fiscal issues:-
£14 million is to be allocated to upgrading the Broadband service
£1.5mil1ion is to be placed in an ‘Energy Fund’, the purpose of which is to encourage energy savings within communities
£2million is to be placed in a ’Savings Fund’, the purpose of which is to encourage and reward those who can demonstrate how savings can be made in the Council’s budget

11. AOCB
  • Kintore Summer F estival is scheduled for 8 June this year
  • KK magazine — a reminder that articles are always being sought

12. Date of Next Meeting - 19“ February 2013 at 7pm
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