Minutes of Meeting November 20, 2012

Kintore and District Community Council
7pm 20th November 2012 at Kintore Primary School
Approved Minutes

Kevin Watt (Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Councillor Nan Cullinane, Councillor Fergus Hood, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Ava Rennie, Sheila Gray, Drew Cullinane, Anne Simpson (Development Worker – The Garioch Partnership) and PC David Calvert.

Councillor Martin Ford and Lesley Monaghan.

Kevin opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Local Community Residents Discussion Points:
Kintore Resident's attended the meeting:
1. Gateway Broomhill Roundabout – a representative of the owners whose land borders the development attended the meeting as they have some concerns re this. The access route to the site, they would like their access on the current route to be maintained. The boundary of the development look as if it will just be an embankment with trees – this won't keep people of their land and may mean the animals could escape. They would like to know what type of boundary will be put in place. They would also like to know the length of time, the noise levels and the working hours during the construction. Also no consultation has been received about the development, however currently the architect is working on the master plan and once it has been submitted to the council for decision, statutory consultees will be notified. Kevin will act as a go between with the developer and residents.

2. Hill Road Caravan Park – the caravan park was bought over 2 years ago by travellers. The caravan park is currently housing travellers and workers and not tourists. Previously the owners obtained planning permission to put in 20 static caravans (with restrictions – can't be only residence, occupants can't stay more than 6 weeks). The above is not being adhered too. In addition a second proposal has been submitted for 15 touring stances and 15 tents. So far there are 5 or 6 objections as the facilities and infrastructure will not be able to cope with the extra people. This should be for tourism purposes only. The owners are currently in breach of planning consent and licences. The closing date for consultation is 2nd December.

Presentation - Anne Simpson, Development Worker, The Garioch Partnership:
Anne Simpson attended the meeting to give an overview of the The Garioch Partnership and the work they do. The Partnership work with non for profit organisations of any size. Its free to join and its about building partnerships. Community Councils can join and there will be an AGM in March. There will be an open evening on 3rd December at the Ardennan Hotel, Inverurie.

Police Report:
A Police report was received and PC David Calvert attended the meeting.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (16th October 2012):
Minutes Approved by Ann Marston and Sheila Gray.

Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes:
Kirkwood Homes – a lot of press coverage and positive feedback received. Community Compost Group – Lesley is keen to take this forward until she returns this project will go on hold.

Treasurers Report:
£2048.35 in account. Everything is paid up to date.
Its been agreed by all to donate £200 each to Airlie House and Provost Lawrence Court for their annual Xmas meal and entertainment. Representatives of the community council will attend.

Youth Report:
Action Kintore – Kevin is now a director and looking to take forward. A decision will be taken on the bothie. It is still a work in progress. Need to look for additional funding to build and then to run the facility.

Planning Matters:
Caledonian Logistics – planning application – variation on condition 8 – noise level. Alterations/extensions to houses.
Bridgend Steading – planning application to build 3 houses.

All correspondence since the last meeting has been distributed by email to all.

Aberdeenshire Council Update:
2 Planning Applications:
1. Broomhill – Torecosse have accepted the recommendations and no houses will
be occupied until October 2015.
2. Lynecrieff – between Melrose and Cedar, the developer built 24 houses and
plans to develop a further 6. The Lynecrieff house is to demolised and rebuilt and a further 11 houses are to be built including 4 low cost. This is deferred as low cost housing must be built first and phasing of houses for education.

CC Forum – the meeting is short of representatives of KDCC, the next meeting is 28th November.
Council Annual Budget Engagement event - 12th December at Meldrum Academy.
Date of Next Meeting: 15th January 2013 7pm.
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