Minutes of meeting October 16, 2010

Kintore and District Community Council 7pm 16th October in Local Hub Kintore Unapproved Minutes

PRESENT: Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Councillors Hood, Ford and Cullinane, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Lesley Monaghan, Isabel Stirling, Caitlin Shand and Linda Paterson (Secretary).

Isabel Hunter from the Evening Express sat in on the Meeting

APOLOGIES: Constable Craig Currie who could not attend because of work commitments.

Before the Meeting was formally opened Kenny introduced Mr.Ainslie Reid along with Mr. and Mrs Coutts to the Meeting. They had been asked to come along to receive gift vouchers in recognition for their great work during the summer with hanging baskets and floral arrangements throughout the village.

Kenny duly told them of KDCC’s appreciation for all their hard work and presented them with their vouchers. Photos were taken by Joan.

Mr.Jim Coutts thanked the Meeting and then went on to talk of the possibility of obtaining the watering device in Inverurie for next year as some of the shops are not so good at keeping the plants/baskets watered sufficiently. Kenny agreed to look into this on behalf of KDCC .

Mr. Reid made a suggestion that it may be an idea to approach local businesses for money to acquire plants for planting during the winter months.

Councillor Hood again expressed thanks to Mr and Mrs Coutts and Mr. Reid on behalf of residents of Kintore and assured them that their work was much appreciated indeed.

Mr and Mrs Coutts and Mr.Reid then left the Meeting

WELCOME: Kenny opened the Meeting and welcomed everyone.

MINUTES OF 20TH SEPTEMBER: Minutes were approved

MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES: The Meeting was informed that the wording of the Constitution regarding the annual accounts had been changed from “audit” to “examine” as per Graeme Leith.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Joan handed out copies of the annual accounts for examination and informed the Meeting that the Bank Balance currently stands at £2591.45.

Joan asked the Meeting for suggestions as to how some or all of the money could be spent. Graham suggested a fireworks display but the Meeting voiced fears over safety issues. Both Joan and Ann spoke of the success of the Summer Outing to Balmoral Castle and would welcome ideas for venues for future outings. Joan told the Meeting that Mr and Mrs Coutts received vouchers for £125 and Mr. Reid received £100

Police: As per Constable Currie’s report which was circulated prior to the Meeting.

Action Kintore: Kenny and Caitlin both attended a Meeting at Airlie House regarding the Youth Café. They met residents who had concerns over the size, location, litter, vandalism and the running of the Youth Café. Steven and Dave did a presentation but residents wanted detailed answers and Caitlin is to arrange another Meeting in due course.

Kenny stated that the Planning Consent is not yet signed off. Kenny is to put article in Kintore Konnect about Youth Café showing design, location etc. Kenny stated foundations are due to be laid in April and hopefully the building will be completed next year.

Kenny suggested to the Meeting starting a fund-raising organisation such as “Friends of The Bothy” as 20 – 25k is still needed. At present two rooms in the Townhouse can be used two nights a week as a meeting place for young people.

Boghead Croft: 33.5 acres (Boghead,Denhead & Colgardie) not included in Local Plan.Mr. McDonald feels there is support for this to be included in Local Plan despite absence of detailed maps.
Process issue: Site was not presented to Garioch Planning Committee. Councillor Ford said this is normal at this stage.
Councillor Hood said this site is in the Main Issues Report.
The Meeting was informed that there is no Planning Gain Money available to be spent on Kintore.
KDCC to ascertain the full cost of footpath from Midmill to bridge on Kemnay road. Councillor Cullinane had spoken with Council Planner and she was told that there was nothing to stop individuals doing it them selves provided the path is up to standards agreed with Roads Dept.
Kenny said that various local businesses are willing to support the football pitch but concerns have been raised about the safety of children walking to and from the pitch and these must be addressed.

Kenny showed the Meeting glasses received as part of Alochol Awareness Week 4th – 10th October. These showed the safe levels of drinking for males and females. It was decided to display these in the Library and the Hub. Isabel to take some to the Youth Forum.

8. AOCB:
Community House: Kenny informed the Meeting he had spoken with Ian Fowell, but Mr Fowell said he needed to speak with Graham because Kenny could not answer his queries. Councillor Hood stated conditions have been breached and the Community should receive compensation.
Smell from Knackery: Councillor Hood informed the Meeting that he had spoken with Katherine Brierly from SEPA who stated that Councillor Hood would be notified prior to the opening of the premises.
The Hub: Graham to open Hub on Friday and Saturday evenings. Caitlin thought it would be a success and she would spread the word.
Isabel brought up the fact that Kemnay Academy is to close at night because no people can be recruited to open up the building for evening classes. Due to European Working Time Directive the Janitors cannot do evening work even if they wanted to. This means evening lasses cannot go ahead. Councillor Hood said the decision was taken without going to Election Committee.
Disabled Parking: It was brought to the attention of KDCC that where there is disabled parking in the street outside a house any disabled person is entitled to use that space.
Councillor Hood spoke of the Government spending reviews and how the Council are trying to put plans in place by the time of next years budget.
Both Councillors Hood and Ford warned that services will be severely cutback and that the outlook is indeed grim.
It was stated that Council Business to be added to the Monthly Agenda as from November.
Kenny thanked everyone who attended and closed the Meeting at 8.45pm

The next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 16th November at 7pm in the Hub

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