Minutes of Meeting January 17, 2012

Kintore and District Community Council
7pm 17th January 2012 at Kintore Primary School

Unapproved Minutes

Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Councillor Martin Ford, Councillor Fergus Hood, Councillor Nan Cullinane, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Kevin Watt and Drew Cullinane.

Lesley Monaghan and Linda Paterson.

Kenny opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2012.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (15th November 2011):
Minutes Approved by Sheila Gray and Ann Marston.

Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes:
Section matters arising from previous meeting (Nov 2011) – amendment from Port Elphinstone to Kintore.
Outcome from previous A.O.C.B. – Hub was discussed for possible use by the users of the Bothie, a further meeting to be held Monday 23rd January with Langstane and other parties.
Councillor Hood and Ford gave an update on the primary school facilities situation and a report is due to come to area committee during March. To be discussed by Councillors and Officers.
Tennis Courts - Kenny provided an update on this. The astroturf at Kintore Primary School was marked out for tennis courts but is no longer there. Kerry Massie is to find out the possibilities for forming a tennis club with views to using the facilities at Kintore school.
Lighting on A96 – Kenny emailed Ralph Newlands (30th Dec) no reply to date.
Grit boxes throughout Kintore have been inspected and appear satisfactory.

Police Report:
No Police report or officers in attendance.

Presentation by Forestry Commission:
No presentation took place.

Treasurers Report:
Joan informed the committee that the current balance sits at £2111.11.
£40.00 is due to Ken McEwen for web domain – to be paid.
£50.00 to Claire for administrative duties.

Youth Report:
Action Kintore Update – Kenny informed the committee that Dave Choumin and Steven Laing’s involvement in the project has now ceased. No further monies are due to them. Jim Law has suggested that 3 firms tender for the building contract. He also emphasised the children shouldn’t be involved due to Insurance liability etc. However they should be involved with decoration and furnishing once complete. Five people have volunteered to work with the youths and have completed their PVG and to date one has been confirmed. £1000.00 has been received from Jill Sowden which should cover another 4 months use at the Town House. The youths are currently working on an intergeneration project (possible collage). The idea is to encourage younger and older people to work together. Some older people have already been approached for information. A lady from Inverurie has done a similar project and has been in contact. 10 of the youths have shown an interest. Fund raising has involved making cards and the hope it to sell them at the Thainstone Mart. Also each person will bring an item to sell at the car boot sale.

Planning Matters:
Several planning applications were discussed and there are no major applications within Kintore. However there are 2 applications for wind turbines. One at Womblehill Farm and the other at Roslin Croft (Hill Road).
It was agreed that if any resident contacts the community council in relation to new wind turbines it will be discussed otherwise the community council are not involved.
Reforms to the Scottish Planning System – there was meant to be a meeting however it was decided a questionnaire will be sent to all community councils.
Mixed Use Development (Off School Road) – site visit on 24th January.
Residential Development (Midmill) – has been ongoing for sometime and is still being debated. The community council will continue to monitor this and may wish to comment at a later date should things change.

Rural Partnership – meeting in Inverurie on 26th Jan. This is the initial meeting to set up/discuss a partnership.

Aberdeenshire Council Update:
There will be a meeting on the 2nd Feb 7.30pm at Kintore School on school estates (all 170 schools in Aberdeenshire) to discuss the ongoing issues and how to better manage these.
The council budget was discussed with regards to under and over spending.

Senior citizens outing – in recent years the number attending has decreased and the feeling of the community council is that they should no longer hold an outing.
A garden competition has been suggested – judging would be August. Kevin has offered to organise this competition with the assistance of Ann and Joan.

Date of Next Meeting: 21st February 2012 7pm.
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