Minutes of meeting March 15, 2011

Minutes of meeting 7pm 15th March 2011 in Local Hub (Unapproved Minutes)

Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman), Councillor Nan Cullinane, Councillor Martin Ford, Drew Cullinane, Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Constables Stewart Gibbin and Martin Robertson, Lesley Monaghan, Sheila Gray and Linda Paterson (Secretary).

Anne Marston, Councillor Fergus Hood, and Ave Rennie.

Kenny opened the Meeting and welcomed everyone.

Minutes were approved.

The Meeting was informed that Mr. Ainslie Reid has spent the money allocated for plants which are due to be here by the end of March. The Meeting was also informed that Mr. Malcolm Allan had donated £3000.00 which has been spent on a trailer and water tank which will used for the efficient watering of baskets and tubs throughout the season.

KDCC’S thanks to Mr. Allan was noted. Mr. Reid is to speak with Youth Leader at the Church to involve children and families in the planting of the plants.

No representatives from Youth Forum attended the Meeting. Joan, along with five others, are training to assist with“Bothie”. A Public Meeting is being held on Friday 25th in the School Hall.

Kenny showed the Meeting a plaque showing the names of those who supported and donated money for the youth facility in the Townhouse. The plaque is to be displayed in the Townhouse.

Copy of Police Report was circulated prior to the Meeting. Sheila informed Constables Gibbon and Robertson that on several occasions she has seen youths on bicycles capering on the road beside the Co-op on Northern Road in Kintore and even some youths walking in the road despite moving traffic very close to them.

Sheila also informed of the times of the day she has seen this happening which was noted by Constables Gibbon and Robertson who said they would keep a discreet lookout.

Kenny told the Meeting that Mr. Maxwell McDonald had informed him that he intended to create and pay for the footpath from football pitches.

Kenny read a letter which he drafted on behalf of KDCC in support of Mr. McDonald’s car sales and showroom. Graham urged a positive response. The Meeting approved the letter. Drew did not support Mr. McDonald’s plan as he stated the land was zoned for agricultural use. Sheila asked why land across the road from Mr. McDonald’s proposed development is industrial when it was originally agricultural to which Councillor Ford replied that a bid had been put in to re-zone its use.

The Meeting was informed that Mr. Andy Roddie (Chairman of Kintore Utd Football Club) is seeking help from local businesses to help provide two cabins and portaloos. There are currently 150 children aged 5 – 12 who regularly take part at the football.

Meeting of 12th February: Community Facilities: Mr. Alan Rae was asked about same and said that it was up to Community as to what was wanted. Kenny told KDCC that the Meeting of Thursday March 10th at Kintore School which was fronted by Mr. Alan Rae was a good one with lots of feedback from leaders of various groups in Kintore. He also stated that additional land may be needed and that this was to be looked into. Kenny also said that the 35 members are to meet again and these meetings will be ongoing until decision is reached. Councillor Ford stressed to that the first thing to be taken into account is what is in the Development Plan.

Community Planning Seminar: Kenny and Graham attended. Items discussed were: Promote Rural Partnerships, Big Society to take more control within the Community, Workshops could be set up to show how to make businesses work and how easy it is to fail.

Gypsy/Traveller Encampment: Kenny confirmed that letter approved by Meeting last Month had been sent in response to Police Consultation Paper. Kenny informed Meeting that this should be discussed at the upcoming Community Council Forum Meeting.

Rosebank Nursery Road Access: The Meeting again stated that Option 1 was the preferred option but that it could face a legal challenge. It was also brought to the Meeting’s attention that Mr. Wright has closed off the road. No contact has been made with Mr. Wright since last Month’s Meeting.

Councillor Ford left the Meeting at 8.30pm.

Councillor Cullinane stated that she is to stand down as from May 2012. KDCC were informed that the Roads Maintenance Budget of just under £26million had been passed. Approximately £5.5 million has been allocated for Winter Budget.

Joan informed the Meeting that the Bank Balance currently stands at £1859.95. Joan also told of 14 local businesses willing to pay £40.00 each per annum towards the cost of plants. Joan would send out invoices which will total £560.00. It was agreed that this money would go into KDCC’S bank account but would be ring-fenced for plants.

There will be a payment of £500.00 to Action Kintore in April. Joan still waiting to hear how much is to be received from Aberdeenshire Council. The question of whether the cost of the annual senior citizen’s outing was perhaps too much now that fuel had increased was raised. Comments welcome at next month’s Meeting.

10. AOCB:
Graham standing down: Graham informed the Meeting that due to commitments with the Hub and his day job he may not be able to attend all future KDCC Meetings. He does however hope to still be able to help KDCC with Planning Issues as he has a huge interest in Kintore.

Graham: Graham stated that the Hub is now making money again. He told the Meeting that GSLP Trustees Ltd are now overseeing the running of the Hub however Graham is still a natural Director with a majority share until June when the AGM takes place. Graham also stated that the Hub is to hold kid’s events during the holidays which hopefully will keep people coming through the door. The Meeting was informed by Graham that the Hub in Kintore is seen as a shining example and Graham is to do a presentation to Fraserburgh Community Council who are to visit the Hub next week.

Graham made a suggestion to Kenny that perhaps the Hub and the Bothie could join forces once the Bothie is up and running.

Seats in the Square: In response to Sheila’s comment on the state of the seats at February’s Meeting Kenny said in his opinion they need to be replaced not repaired. Kenny will investigate the possibility of funding for this.

Venue for Senior Citizen’s Outing: It was agreed that Joan, Sheila and Ann will arrange to visit Airlie House and Provost Lawrence Court to get ideas for a venue and gauge support for something perhaps more local.

Sheila: Sheila commented on the fact that the lights on the underpass at Castleroad stay on all night and was this really necessary. Leslie answered that in her opinion they were better to be left on.

Sheila: Sheila enquired as to whether the Knackery was operational as some friends she had been visiting recently told her there seemed to be a smell. However Councillor Cullinane said that to her knowledge it was not working but there had been some tests carried out and some visible white smoke and that perhaps this had been what Sheila’s friends had smelt.

Kenny thanked everyone who attended and closed the Meeting at 9.42pm.

11. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 17th May 2011 7pm in the Local Hub

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