Minutes of meeting May 17, 2011

Kintore and District Community Council
7pm 17th May 2011 in Local Hub Kintore Unapproved Minutes

PRESENT: Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Graham McDonald(Vice Chairman), .Councillor Martin Ford, Councillor Nan Cullinane, Drew Cullinane, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Constables David Calvert, and Ian Allardyce, and Linda Paterson (Secretary).

APOLOGIES: Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Ava Rennie and Lesley Monaghan.

1.WELCOME: Joan opened the Meeting and welcomed everyone.

2.MINUTES OF 19TH APRIL: Minutes were approved.

Dog Fouling:
It was noted that Carol Sim had phoned Kenny complaining about the mess regarding dog fouling and informed Kenny of a successful anti fouling campaign in Kingswells. Carol to see about setting up same for Kintore and get back to Kenny.

Rosebank Nursery Access:
Councillor Cullinane told the Meeting the Mr Ken Wright meantime on holiday. KDCC has decided to go with Option 1.Kenny to get in touch with Mr. Wright on his return.

Land at bottom of Lochburn Drive:
Sheila suggested to Councillor Cullinane that she go back to Mr. Richardson to try for further information. A decision was made that KDCC are not going to maintain the piece of land.

Graham: informed KDCC that the Hub is in the process of being sold due to cash flow problems. There are two potential buyers but if neither are able to buy then the Hub will have to close.

The Meeting was informed that there will be an AGM on Thursday at the school at 7pm.

The Meeting was informed that regretfully the Bothie will no longer go ahead due to the lack of volunteer helpers.

Police Report May 2011

6.PLANNING MATTERS: Nothing new to report

In response to request it was decided that £25 be donated from KDCC funds to Mr Fowell’s leaving presentation. The new area manager starts on 1st July2011

Nothing new to report.

Joan stated that KDCC has received the sum of £970.00 via Mr.Ainslie Reid as donations from various businesses in Kintore for the floral displays. This money is being lodged in the KDCC Bank Account but ring fenced.

A cheque for £129.60 was issued to Ameroll for tubs.

An expenses form has been received from Kenny for ink cartridge and stain for the benches outside the Town Hall. The Meeting consented to these being met from funds.

Action Kintore is due £500 but this is being held back meantime.

Summer Outing:
Anne and Sheila informed the Meeting that the Outing is on 23rd June with a visit Dobbies Garden Centre at the Lang Stracht followed by a high tea at the Burnett Arms Hotel in Banchory. Tickets are on sale at the Post Office priced at £13 each. Posters advertising the Outing to go up in Kintore Butchers, The Post Office, Provost Lawrence Court and Airlie House and the Health Centre. The Outing is open to anyone who wants to go.

Sheila voiced concern about the state of the trees around Priscilla’s garden wall on Forest Road as she believes they require to be topped back before autumn when the leaves fall can be dangerous when lying wet on the pavement. It was suggested someone from KDCC should approach Priscilla regarding this matter Sheila also commented that the trees in Provost Lawrence Court also require trimming back. Councillor Hood suggested KDCC write a letter to Mr Ian Rendall at the Roads Dept to request a site visit to judge if there is a road safety issue.

Councillor Ford left the Meeting at 8.25pm

Joan thanked everyone for attending and closed the Meeting at 9pm

11.DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 21st May 2011 7pm in the Local Hub
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