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Master Plan included

After a long battle and support from hundreds of people in the local community, Aberdeenshire Council eventually the Gateway Kintore site was included in the 2016 Local Plan at the council’s Infrastructure Services Committee meeting in November 2014.

It was the first chink of light in a battle that began with a 1,000 name signature in support of the Gateway Kintore development, in the summer of 2012.


What is planned?

A supermarket, filling station, hotel, restaurants, nursery, play barn, community facilities, business premises and an improved roundabout for access to Kintore.

New houses

The need

Between 2000 and 2010, 950 new houses were built in Kintore – about the same as in Inverurie. Up to 1,200 more houses are proposed.

Yet, there has been very little done to expand community facilities to meet the needs of this expansion.

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Facilities lacking

In the table on this page you can clearly see how Kintore is lagging behind other towns in Aberdeenshire.

While most towns have a supermarket and filling station, Kintore has neither.

When will it happen?

The submission of the master plan was an opportunity for Aberdeenshire Council to let councillors decide if Kintore needs these facilities.

Sports facilities

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Tell the council

Despite representations from the community council Aberdeenshire Council refused to include Gateway Kintore in the current local plan or the new 2016 plan.

Now is the time to tell Aberdeenshire Council and your councillors how you feel about this stance.

Sign the petition

We've got more than 1,000 names and comments on the petition. Whether you live in Kintore, Kemnay, Blackburn, Fintray or any other Garioch community, this is your opportunity to send a clear message to the council. Sign the petition.

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Preserving access

There have been proposals to remove the direct access to Kintore at the Broomhill Roundabout for traffic from Aberdeen on the A96.

Gateway Kintore would preserve that access by upgrading the existing roundabout at no cost to the authorities.

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Restaurants and community

If you want to see the new restaurants, hotel and community facilities, sign the petition. Write to Aberdeenshire Council and your councillors.
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Sign the petition

Keep up the pressure! Please sign the petition now!

We have more than 1,000 signatures (online and offline) but we can still take more. Click the button and sign now.
Sign the petition
In February 2013 a draft master plan for Gateway Kintore was submitted to Aberdeenshire Council along with a petition bearing more than 1,000 names. The petition called for the plans to be put before councillors.

In February 2014 more than 340 people responded to Aberdeenshire Council's LDP consultation demanding that Gateway Kintore be included in the new LDP for 2016.

On July 3, 2014, on the chairman's casting vote,
Aberdeenshire Council rejected the inclusion of Gateway Kintore in the new local plan.

What is planned at Gateway Kintore?

  • a supermarket
  • filling station
  • hotel
  • restaurants
  • nursery
  • play barn
  • business premises including an HQ building
  • an improved roundabout for access to Kintore.

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Gateway Kintore needed now

Preserving direct access to Kintore

Gateway Kintore also includes an upgraded Broomhill roundabout, retaining the direct link to Kintore for traffic from Aberdeen.

It would also make it easy to visit the supermarket, filling station, restaurants and other facilities from Kemnay, Blackburn, Inverurie and other Garioch communities.

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When will Gateway Kintore happen?

Despite strong representations, Gateway Kintore was omitted from the current Local Development Plan.

The aim of the Master Plan submitted to Aberdeenshire Council in February 2013 was to have the plans put to councillors for a decision. This has not happened.

Now council planners are blocking Gateway Kintore's inclusion in the next Local Development Plan!

How you make it clear you are unhappy
Sign Gateway Kintore petition

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