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In February 2013 a draft master plan for Gateway Kintore was submitted to Aberdeenshire Council along with a petition bearing more than 1,000 names. The petition called for the plans to be put before councillors.

After a long battle and support from many in the local community the Gateway Kintore site was included in the 2016 Local Plan.

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I am writing about the proposed Gateway Kintore development on site G60 at the Broomhill Kintore roundabout on the A96.

Having seen the proposals, I believe this development offers many of the facilities that Kintore, Kemnay, Blackburn and other Garioch communities desperately need.

In particular I welcome the proposal for a new supermarket – something that is needed in an area which has had seen such a huge increase in housing without a similar growth in facilities.

I also welcome the inclusion of a filling station, something that has been missing in this area for a number of years.

The hotel, restaurants, nursery, play barn and community facilities are also a welcome addition for a growing community.

Finally, I am keen to see this development proceed because it includes an improved Broomhill roundabout.

This will maintain access to Kintore for traffic coming from Aberdeen. Current proposals are to block off access to Kintore from this direction. Traffic would, instead, be diverted on a new road across prime farmland to the B944, where it would have to turn back to enter Kintore – resulting in more than a million additional vehicle kilometres per year.

I urge Aberdeenshire Council and members to ensure that the Kintore Gateway proposal is brought forward, for determination by the council, at the earliest opportunity.

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There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest these types of community facilities would be welcomed by Kintore residents...
Community council report

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    You can download a paper petition to get your friends/ customers to sign.

    A further disappointment is the fact the site was not included in the recently published Local Development Plan, despite numerous representations made during the consultation process that it should be.
    Community council report

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