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In February 2013 a draft master plan for Gateway Kintore was submitted to Aberdeenshire Council along with a petition bearing more than 1,000 names. The petition called for the plans to be put before councillors.

After a long battle and support from many in the local community the Gateway Kintore site was included in the 2016 Local Plan.

Preserving access to Kintore

Existing proposals for the Broomhill junction are to remove the direct access to Kintore for traffic from Aberdeen on the A96.

To enter Kintore, you would be diverted by a new road across to join the B944, from which you would have to turn back to enter Kintore by Midmill or Gaughhill.

Expert analysis has shown that the extra miles incurred would be in that the vehicle distance generated by this proposed new route would amount to over a million kilometres each year! That, in addition to all the inconvenience.

The Gateway Kintore development includes proposals to redevelop and enlarge the Broomhill roundabout, preserving and improving direct access to Kintore.

The new roundabout is shown below superimposed on the existing roundabout.
A further positive and crucially important feature of the proposals relate to changes to the layout of Broornhill roundabout… These costly alterations, to be paid for by the developers, present a far superior solution than the nonsensical proposal from the Council.
Community council report

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    Kintore Broomhill Roundabout

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