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In February 2013 a draft master plan for Gateway Kintore was submitted to Aberdeenshire Council along with a petition bearing more than 1,000 names. The petition called for the plans to be put before councillors.

After a long battle and support from many in the local community the Gateway Kintore site was included in the 2016 Local Plan.


The need for Gateway Kintore

Between 2000 and 2010, 950 new houses were built in Kintore – about the same as in Inverurie. There are proposals for a further 1,200 houses.
New houses
Yet, there has been very little done to expand community facilities to meet the needs of this expansion.

Gateway Kintore aims to fill that gap, providing a much needed supermarket and other community facilities, along with an enhanced roundabout to keep open the Kintore access for traffic from Aberdeen.
The filling station would be on the main access road.

Sign the petition and find out how you can help make this happen.

The proposed supermarket

The indicative plans for Gateway Kintore are for a substantial supermarket on the site frontage, with easy access to and from the A96 and Kintore.

At this stage there is no supermarket company involved in these plans. However, the professional team believe that the location – serving not only the Kintore area but also strategically placed beside the trunk road – would appeal to one of the majors.
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These people have just signed the petition

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    Hotels, restaurants and business

    The Gateway Kintore plans include a 100-bedroom hotel and two restaurants.
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    There are five office suites proposed.

    You can download a paper petition to get your friends/ customers to sign.

    Leisure and sports

    In addition to the Hub, at the centre of Gateway Kintore, the plans allow for a substantial area of open public space.

    A sports pavilion is planned to serve the sports facilities on the site.

    Nursery and children's play area

    mother and children play
    Gateway Kintore plans include a nursery/after school club and a children's soft play centre.

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